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Aggressive Case Management Produces $245,000.00 Settlement

Aggressive Case Management Produces $245,000.00 Settlement

Posted By The Dunnion Law Firm || 10-Jul-2010

This personal injury victim was involved in a major auto accident in June, 2007. The client initially hired a small town attorney local to him who, instead of coordinating competent medical treatment for the client, immediately chose unwisely to file a lawsuit against the defendant and spent nearly a year and a half litigating against a very large, well known corporate defendant. During his entire representation, the first attorney never made a demand for compensation or tried to settle the Client's case. After a year and half of suffering and very frustrated with the handling of his case, the client contacted The Dunnion Law Firm Firm for a free consultation only days before the statute of limitations expired. After hearing the Dunnion Law Firm's immediate action plans for his case, the client decided to fire his first attorney and hire the Dunnion Law Firm to carry his case to conclusion.

The Dunnion Law Firm's first action was to dismiss the first lawsuit and refile the suit in San Francisco Superior Court, where it should have been filed initially. The Dunnion Law Firm also added the client's wife's claim for Loss of Consortium which the first attorney had failed to do. The client had undergone 3 surgeries and was on the verge of having a fourth surgery. Unfortunately, his surgeon testified in deposition that none of the injuries, for which Client had four surgeries, were related to the subject accident!

With this significant obstacle in their way, The Dunnion Law Firm, convinced of the validity of the injuries sustained in the accident decided to advance thousands of dollars, which the first attorney never did, to retain various medical experts throughout the state to evaluate Client's claims and injuries. The Dunnion Law Firm then had to track down the defendant in Louisiana, because the defendant had moved out of state once it became known The Dunnion Law Firm had entered into the case. Despite the fact that the client's own surgeon had significantly damaged the client's claim, ultimately, the corporate defendant was forced to pay out $245,000.00 to our Client and his wife for thire claims.

As a direct result of the skill and experience of The Dunnion Law Firm's experienced litigation attorneys, and the medical and financial resources available to The Dunnion Law Firm, the firm not only was able to arrange proper specialists to treat the client, but also obtained the medical evidence necessary to support the client's injuries. Had the client retained The Dunnion Law Firm at the onset of his claim, resulting in proper managerment of the case, he would have obtained an even more successful result. Despite the damaging evidence produced for the record due to the first attorney's complacency in letting the corporate defendant set the tone of the case, The Dunnion Law Firm still achieved a great result for it's client in this instance by refiling the suit, taking charge and actively managing the case, coordinating proper medical attention for the client, and mediating the case twice in San Francisco in order to obtain a great result for the client and his wife.

The Dunnion Law Firm consistently takes the immediate and continuing actions needed to further each case and provides the financial resources necessary in order to prove that each cleints' case should receive the maximum compensation due for the injuries and damages incurred. For a Feree consultation on your case please call 1-800 -863-3387

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