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Wife has Heart Attack After Witnessing Husband Rundown by Car

Wife has Heart Attack After Witnessing Husband Rundown by Car

Posted By The Dunnion Law Firm || 9-Jun-2010

This was an unfortunate case involving a husband and wife and a motor vehicle. The victim husband claimed he was crossing a street in broad daylight in a cross walk with a green light. His wife was walking directly behind him and witnessed her husband being hit by the Defendants car, which failed to stop and yield to them. The wife narrowly missed being struck by the careening vehicle as well. A CHP officer was a direct witness to the incident, and in fact, was able to yield to the husband and wife pedestrians even though the Defendant failed to do so. The Husband suffered very serious injuries including a severely fractured leg. His wife was so distressed from witnessing the accident and his agonizing injuries that she sufferred a severe heart attack three days later. The Defendant claimed that he had the green light and the police officer agreed with him. Unfortunately the Police Report blamed the pedestrians for crossing in a crosswalk on a red light!

Before The Dunnion Law Firm became involved in representing the victims, the Defendant's insurance company had entirely denied both claims. The Dunnion Law Firm attorney, Sargis Atanous, met with the clients personally, performed an exhaustive scene investigation utilizing years of extensive experience in auto accident cases and subsequently demanded that the insurance company fully compensate the clients. After only 10 days of aggressive negotiotions, the insurance company reversed their position and offered each of our clients their entire policy limits, without even the necessity of reviewing medical bills or records.

Due to the skill, experience, and reputation of the Dunnion Law Firm in handling serious bodily injury claims, they were able to strong arm the insurance company to change their position from accepting no liability to accepting 100% liability and tendering the entire policy limits to each of our clients. All this despite the fact that the Police Report and witness entirely blamed our clients.

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