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Despite Insurance Companty Denial of the Claim, car accident victim awarded $250,000.00

Despite Insurance Companty Denial of the Claim, car accident victim awarded $250,000.00

Posted By The Dunnion Law Firm || 23-Nov-2010

Plaintiff was in a motor vehicle accident on September 22, 2009. The Defendant pulled from a stop sign into the path of the vehicle Plaintiff was riding in. The vehicles had moderate damage requiring about $3,200.00 in repairs.

Initially, Plaintiff complained of pain on the left side of his body and his back, but declined emergency treatment at the scene. As his pain increased he later went to the emergency room and sought chiropractic treatment about a week later. Plaintiff’s symptoms worsened and an MRI revealed a rare cyst near his L2 vertebra nerve root. His doctors advised Plaintiff that the cyst was pre-existing, but was aggravated by the trauma in the accident. Plaintiff had two surgeries in California, and a third surgery in Missouri by a specialist in this type of rare cyst.

The insurance carrier initially denied the symptoms and surgeries were related to the accident, noting that the cyst was pre-existing. The Dunnion Law Firm provided the necessary medical research and records to convince the insurance carrier to pay its $250,000.00 policy limits less than 30 days after the demand was submitted with the medical research and records.

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