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Blog Posts in April, 2011

  • Double Policy Limits Achieved For Two clients In Single Accident

    || 22-Apr-2011

    This client was with her father when she was in a major head-on accident in the BART parking lot in Pittsburg, CA. The other party begged the client not to call the police and gave her information to our client. Unfortunately, she gave the wrong information. Our client sustained serious injuries and ultimately needed multiple MRI's which diagnosed neck and shoulder injuries. She was referred ...
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  • The Dunnion Law Firm client was visiting his brother in Modesto when out of the blue, a car slammed into theirs flipping them over and trapping Dunnion’s client in the wreckage. News footage shows the Jaws of Life cutting the gentleman out of the vehicle and then being taken, comatose, to the hospital. No one ever knew what happened, as the middle-aged woman driving the other car was also ...
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  • In April 2009 a three year old boy ran across the street in front of his house to join his brothers playing in a park across the street. Unfortunately, a woman driving a large Dodge Hemi was coming down the street at the same time. She did not see the boy in the street and smacked into his head, crushing his skull and causing a serious brain injury. Doctors were able to open up the skull and stop ...
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  • Rear-end Collision Results in $50,000 for Car Detailer

    || 14-Apr-2011

    A car detailer was involved in a rear-end collision and contacted The Dunnion Law Firm for representation. He treated with physical therapy for what he believed were only soft tissue injuries to his neck, back and shoulders. However, his shoulders continued to be painful and they were aggravated by his work with cars. He wanted to settle earlier than later as he had lost earnings for his family ...
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  • Rental Car Company Finally Pays after a Three Year Battle

    || 8-Apr-2011

    The Dunnion Law Firm's client was out shopping with her mother when they were hit head on by a left turning vehicle. Liability was never in dispute and the rental car company paid a modest settlement to the mother very shortly after the accident. For the daughter it was a different story. She had so much going against her: she had just taken her seatbelt off to look up a phone number; she was ...
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  • Insurance Carrier Folds When Dunnion Gets Involved

    || 7-Apr-2011

    In January 2009, a 56 year old grocery clerk and stocker was a passenger in a vehicle driven by her husband in Hanford, CA, when a car pulled from a stop sign directly into their path causing the vehicles to collide. Plaintiff had immediate pain in her neck, back, and right shoulder. She refused to take an ambulance to the hospital from the scene because she did not think her injuries were life ...
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  • Settlement Softens Family Tragedy

    || 6-Apr-2011

    When his favorite uncle unaccountably drove off the road into a ditch, a young Porterville man experienced the horror of the truck he was in violently rolling over and seeing his uncle die beside him. That was bad enough, but the young man also had fractured his shoulder leaving a dependent family, bills to pay, and no income while recuperating from the devastating accident. Although he adamantly ...
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