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Freeway Onramp Merging Accident Results in $100,000 Policy Limit Settlement

Freeway Onramp Merging Accident Results in $100,000 Policy Limit Settlement

Posted By The Dunnion Law Firm || 8-Feb-2011

Our client was traveling up an on ramp and about to enter the freeway. The defendant was in the right lane and sped up and would not let our client merge through. The defendant rear ended our client's vehicle sending him off the on ramp where his SUV overturned and rolled over. Our client sustained extremely serious injuries, was transported by air ambulance to the hospital and spent almost a month there in a coma. Fortunately, he has made a significant recovery and is lucky he survived this accident.

The police, the other driver, and an independent witness all blamed our client for an unsafe lane change. The witness also said our client was speeding. The police report was against our client. The other insurance company denied the claim based on the witness and police report. As a result, our client could not find a Fresno attorney to take the case. He called The Dunnion Law Firm to help him and they jumped at the chance to prosecute the case.

The Firm commenced to fuklly investigate the, evaluate and analyze the police report and tracked down the witness who ultimately refused to cooperate. The insurance company said they would never pay and would fight this case all the way to trial, even though their insured rear ended our client! After investigating the defendant driver, we found he had a bad driving record and that the owner of his vehicle would also now be liable to our client for not investigating the driver before she loaned her vehicle to him.

After obtaining our client's medical bills and records, The Dunnion Law Firm made a demand on the insurance company to tender its policy limits, which they refused to disclose, within two weeks. On the last day of our deadline, they agreed to pay their $100,000.00 limits to our client. We then negotiated huge reductions of our client's outstanding bills and his health insurance reimbursement allowing our client to receve a significant portion of the settlement for himself.

Our client was very thankful that The Dunnion Law Firm took the time to hear his side of the story; took his case when nobody else would; and was able to settle for the policy limits only four months from the date he hired The Dunnion Law Firm.

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