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Blog Posts in January, 2011

  • Uninsured Bicyclist Gets All Her Bills Paid and Money in Her Pocket

    || 27-Jan-2011

    A young lady was on a bicycle crossing a busy 10-lane city thoroughfare. While she started out with the green light, she had waited so long that she had only reached the center island by the time the light in her direction turned red. Some of the cars appeared to be waiting for her, so she made the decision to continue. Unfortunately, a car in the last lane did not see her and they collided in the ...
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  • Bicyclist Hit by Vehicle Receives $100,000.00

    || 24-Jan-2011

    A 46 year old woman was riding her bicycle on Elkhorn Road in Monterey County when the at fault driver failed to yield to her right of way while she was in the bicycle lane. The vehicle hit her from behind her so hard that she flew off her bike, over the man’s car and landed in the roadway. She had to crawl to the shoulder of the road to avoid being struck by other vehicles. She was then air ...
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  • Minor Wrist Fracture Results in $60,000 Settlement for Young woman

    || 24-Jan-2011

    A slender young woman contacted The Dunnion Law Firm after being in a car accident in which the airbags struck her wrist. This woman had tiny wrists and the airbag impact resulted in a small non-displaced fracture. The woman was frustrated because her doctors simply put her wrist in a sling and told her to wait and let it heal on its own. She still had persisting pain and she was afraid she would ...
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  • Elderly Woman Injury Causation Key Issue to Resolve Case

    || 18-Jan-2011

    A 72 year old woman contacted The Dunnion Law Firm after being broadsided in her vehicle. A young and inexperienced driver turned left directly into the elderly woman causing significant damage and injuries. The air bag exploded in the client’s face forcing dust into her eye, hurting both shoulders, both knees, her right hand, left shoulder and left leg. The defendants insurance, State Farm ...
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  • Medical Management and Expertise Saves the Day

    || 17-Jan-2011

    A young heavy machine operator contacted the Dunnion Law Firm when he realized his current attorney was not assisting in the medical management of his painful left shoulder. He had injured the shoulder in a serious head-on car collision. Despite emergency records showing no evidence of any fracture to his left shoulder, as well as subsequent radiology reports showing no evidence of fracture, the ...
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  • Nightmare Trip to Reno

    || 14-Jan-2011

    When an elderly bay area woman decided on a trip to Reno with her sister, she never thought she would end up in the hospital instead of a casino. The driver, her sister, was not injured when she lost control of the car causing it to go off the road on Interstate 80 near Reno, but our client, the 86 year old passenger was already in bad health and she was admitted to Renown Regional Medical Center ...
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  • Minor Fender Bender Results in $250,000.00 Policy Limits Settlements

    || 11-Jan-2011

    In January 2009, a young Air Force linguist was driving to work when she was rear ended at a stop light. It didn’t seem like much of an accident at first, and the young officer thought she would be fine. But as the days went by, she found she could not sit in class and she was having trouble taking care of her toddler. The military doctors were at a loss to explain her disability and the ...
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  • Insurance Carrier Tries to Avoid Coverage

    || 7-Jan-2011

    Two Fresno residents were out for a Friday evening ride on their motorcycle in September 2009 when a 17 year old boy made an illegal left turn directly into their path striking the motorcycle nearly head on. The impact sent both riders flying from the motorcycle and into the emergency room and the intensive care unit at the trauma center at Community Regional Medical Center. Both sustained severe ...
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