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Motorcycle Passenger collects $100,000.00 from Ininsured Motorist Policy Coverage

Motorcycle Passenger collects $100,000.00 from Ininsured Motorist Policy Coverage

Posted By The Dunnion Law Firm || 23-Jun-2011

Our client was a passenger on the back of her boyfriend's motorcycle in Stockton. They were stopped when an uninsured motorist crashed into them knocking off our client. She was violently thrown to the ground and landed on her knees. She had multiple cuts, scrapes & bruises. She went to the hospital and was diagnosed with soft tissue injuries and sent home.

When she returned to the Fresno area, she developed neck and back pain and worsening knee pain to the point that she could not walk. She went to a local doctor who referred her for physical therapy. After a few months, her knee pain lingered. An MRI was ordered which came back positive for internal derangement in the knee. She was refered to a local orthopedic surgeon and, after a few visits and

injections into her knee, surgery was recommended.

The client's boyfriend's uninsured motorist insurance carrier refused to pay for the needed surgery claiming that since the client had not had it done, she did not need it. They offered her $50,000.00 to entice her to settle and not get the surgery done. Our client refused, set a surgery date, attended a pre-op appointment, and only then, just prior to the surgery, the insurance policy paid its $100,000.00 policy limits.

The Dunnion Law Firm obtained medical evidence of the client's severe injuries, analyzed the MRI result and the orthopedic surgeon's surgery recommendation, provided ample documentation to the insurance company, and forced them to pay for the client's surgery before the operation. The Dunnion Law Firm forced the insurance company to comply with its legal obligcation to act in good faith, to fairly deal with the client, and to pay her every penny of the policy. Even with the insurance company representative and their attorney fighting the client and The Dunnion Law Firm, the Dunnion Law Firm did not back down and was able to get the insurance company to paid the full $100,000.00 to the client.

The Dunnion Law Firm knows how to fight insurance companies and how to get them to pay victims of accidents. When you or a loved one is hurt, you need an insurance company who will stand up to, litigate against, and beat the insurance companys. You need The Dunnion Law Firm on your side.

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