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Tulare County Pedestrian Receives a Half Million Dollars

Tulare County Pedestrian Receives a Half Million Dollars

Posted By The Dunnion Law Firm || 23-Mar-2011

The family of a Tulare County woman contacted the Dunnion Law Firm following an accident in September of 2009. The family of the plaintiff was hearing rumors around their small home town that the plaintiff had been under the influence of illegal narcotics, found with drug paraphernalia near the scene of the accident and that she was the principal cause of the accident. The plaintiff remained hospitalized and could not defend herself against these allegations. The plaintiff was hospitalized with significant injuries to her leg and head.

The defendant’s insurance carrier was stating right from the beginning that the plaintiff was at fault because of drug use despite having no evidence that the drug paraphernalia found near the scene of the accident belonged to the plaintiff. The insurance company initially refused to accept any responsibility or to pay any of the plaintiff’s medical expenses resulting from the loss. The insurance carrier maintained this position even though its insured admitted to running a stop sign and striking the pedestrian while she crossed the street in a cross walk.

As soon as the family contacted the Dunnion Law Firm, the Dunnion Law Firm sprung into action collecting all available evidence from the scene and building documentary proof regarding the accident as well as arranging for the plaintiff to visit specialized doctors, including a neuro-psychologist out of Los Angeles, in order to fully document the plaintiff’s extensive injuries.

Once the extensive documentation was provided to the insurance carrier, they changed their tune completely and immediately retained counsel to represent their insured finally realizing that they should have acted differently from the start. The counsel that was retained by the insurance carrier evaluated the situation and sheepishly requested that the plaintiff agree to attend a mediation in order to resolve the matter. Through this process and the presentation of extensive convincing evidence the insurance carrier ultimately extended an offer that was accepted in the amount of $498,000.00.