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Uncooperative Defendant Not An Obstacle for The Dunnion Law Firm

Uncooperative Defendant Not An Obstacle for The Dunnion Law Firm

Posted By The Dunnion Law Firm || 12-May-2011

A San Jose resident was traveling through San Luis Obispo on vacation when she stopped at a gas station to get snacks. She attempted to throw some trash into the trash can placed near the parking spaces in a planter area and when she turned to leave the planter area, she tripped on the uneven surface within the planter area and sustained a displaced fracture of her forearm.

At first, the gas station employees refused to even identify who owned the property or their insurance carrier. After The Dunnion Law Firm was hired, a lawsuit was filed immediately when the defendants refused to cooperate and refer the matter to their insurance carrier.

When the insurance carrier and the attorney for the insurance carrier first appeared in the case, they denied the claim, accusing the injured woman of causing her own injuries. They initially refused to accept any responsibility and no offer of settlement was made for many months.

The relationship The Dunnion Law Firm has with many experts, including two used in this case, allowed the case to be developed in way that once the trial date was set, the insurance company and their attorney changed their tune and they suggested mediation. At the mediation, the information obtained from the human factors and perception expert, and the parking lot construction and design expert was instrumental in convincing the insurance carrier their insured had some liability and the matter was settled for $175,000.00.

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