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Blog Posts in October, 2011

  • San Jose Man Rear Ended by Federal Express Truck

    || 31-Oct-2011

    A San Jose man was rear ended by a Federal Express delivery truck in June 2009. Although the driver admitted fault at the scene and the police wrote a favorable report, when the man was contacted by the "risk management" department of Federal Express they were singing a different tune that it was "not their driver's fault". The man turned to The Dunnion Law Firm for help. ...
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  • Fresno Veteran Settles After Long, Hard Fight With Insurance Carrier

    || 28-Oct-2011

    A Fresno Veteran was riding his bicycle when a motorist failed to yield and turned directly into the bicyclist. The bicyclist had no evasive options available as the Defendant struck him even while the bicyclist was yelling for the driver to stop. Immediately after the accident, the Veteran thought he may be okay but soon after realized his injuries were far more serious. The Veteran contacted the ...
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  • Woman Out of Work Work and With No Income Seeks Help from TV Lawyer

    || 27-Oct-2011

    A woman struggling to support her family as a clerical worker for the County of Tulare, was injured in a motor vehicle crash. As she was on her way to work in February during the early morning hoursthe last thing on her mind was a life altering car accident. Unfortunately, that is exactly what happened. She was driving the speed limit, properly belted and obeying all traffic laws as she passed ...
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  • Client Rear ended by? Driver #1? Or Driver #2?

    || 24-Oct-2011

    Dunnion’s client was stopped with her left turn signal on when she was rear ended. She thought the driver behind her was at fault. But that driver was clearly rear ended by a third driver. Did the middle driver hit her first? Or was the accident solely the fault of the last in line? Uninvolved bystanders gave differing accounts! Unfortunately for the innocent driver, these questions ...
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  • Injured Worker Makes Three Claims For The Same Injury

    || 20-Oct-2011

    A 53 year old construction worker was injured while driving a utility work truck from his home to a job site. He was struck from the rear by a Toyota Land Cruiser that was going a moderate speed estimated at less than 45 MPH. There was minimal damage to the utility truck, but he sustained injury to his neck as the head rest was low and his neck snapped back on impact. His employer denied he was in ...
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  • Client with High Debts Able to Retain Money from Settlement

    || 17-Oct-2011

    The client was walking to work one evening, crossing the street in a crosswalk, when he was hit by a driver who did not see him. The emergency room work-up was exhaustive, but the client did not have any treatment after that, due to a number of personal problems that took him away from home. Nevertheless, working with the insurance carriers for both the driver and the owner of the adverse vehicle, ...
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  • On a cold and sunny December day, a Fresno area woman was driving her pick up truck on Highway 41 near Coarsegold, California, when an oncoming driver crossed the double yellow line and caused a head on collision. Our client's vehicle was hit with such force it left the roadway and rolled down an embankment. The client was taken by ambulance to St Agnes Hospital where she was treated and ...
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  • Allstate Pays Policy Limits For Accident Caused by Off Duty Officer

    || 4-Oct-2011

    Our client made a left turn across a roadway and was on the side of the road. An off duty officer in his own vehicle allegedly was speeding and lost control and also went off the roadway causing the accident. CHP investigated and blamed our client, as did an independent witness, but the CHP also confirmed where the cars collided was off the roadway confirming our client had already completed his ...
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