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Blog Posts in September, 2011

  • Simple Back Sprain Case Settles for $50,000

    || 30-Sep-2011

    The Dunnion Law Firm successfully settled a claim for an Oakdale homemaker who was injured when a driver made a left turn in front of her causing her to collide head-on against with the other driver’s car. She was afraid that she would not obtain any settlement at all because she was told by the other driver that he had no insurance. She turned to The Dunnion Law Firm to help her determine ...
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  • Woman Gets $100K in Last Minute Settlement

    || 28-Sep-2011

    Our client, a 22 year old woman, was in a serious accident nearly two years ago and was getting the runaround from the responsible party's insurance company. There were multiple parties with serious injuries and the insurance company set up a mediation on their terms. The client was also being bullied by her own health insurance company. The client hired The Dunnion Law Firm only two weeks ...
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  • Our client, a 39 year old mother of four, was driving her mid-sized sedan in Tulare when a drunk driver blew through a stop sign and careened directly into our client’s path of travel. Our client was unable to stop in time to avoid a collision with the drunk driver. The force of the impact was so great that it spun our client’s vehicle more than 180 degrees, caused the air bags to ...
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  • Young Motorist Injures Government Employee

    || 15-Sep-2011

    A Fifty-Five year old long term employee of the IRS was injured in a motor vehicle accident in February 2011. She was returning home from work when a young driver was trying to follow his girl friend in another car in an unfamiliar area. Not wanting to drop behind and lose his way, he made a left turn running through first a yellow and then also a red light in Fresno County. Unfortunately, the IRS ...
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  • San Jose Woman Receives $75,000.00 from "Forgotten Claim"

    || 7-Sep-2011

    On April 25, 2009, the client was the front seat passenger in her mother's vehicle driven by her cousin when he caused a serious automobile accident. The client suffered minor injuries but was transported to the local medical center where she was treated in the emergency room and admitted overnight for observation. The client, who is mentally challenged, was crying, anxious and scared and did ...
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  • Man Exits a Moving Car and Gets $100,000

    || 6-Sep-2011

    The client was a passenger in a car driven by his ex-girlfriend. She was arguing with him and suddenly pushed him into the car. The client was so upset that he all he wanted to do was get out of the car immediately. His ex-girlfriend refused to stop to let the client out. As they approached a stop sign, he opened the door to get out but the driver suddenly sped up causing the client to fall out of ...
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  • A desperate wife contacted The Dunnion Law Firm as her husband lay in the hospital following a motorcycle accident seven days earlier. Her husband, the client, was riding the motorcycle despite having no motorcycle endorsement on his license and his license being suspended. The client had been discharged from his job. His wife had also been discharged because she was staying with her husband in ...
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  • Woman Hit by Semi-Big Rig Truck Gets $200,000

    || 2-Sep-2011

    the client was a personal assistant and was on the job when she was sideswiped by a 18-wheeler semi truck. She obtain treatment through worker's compensation and was sent to treat with a chiropractor for what appeared were neck and back injuries. Her medical condition worsened until she felt ultimately that it was necessary to hire The Dunnion Law Firm. The Dunnion Law Firm was able to ...
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