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Desperate Injured Motorcycle Rider and Family Contact The Dunnion Law Firm For Help

Desperate Injured Motorcycle Rider and Family Contact The Dunnion Law Firm For Help

Posted By The Dunnion Law Firm || 5-Sep-2011

A desperate wife contacted The Dunnion Law Firm as her husband lay in the hospital following a motorcycle accident seven days earlier. Her husband, the client, was riding the motorcycle despite having no motorcycle endorsement on his license and his license being suspended.

The client had been discharged from his job. His wife had also been discharged because she was staying with her husband in the hospital out of town. They had received a three day eviction notice from their residence. In addition, the medical bills were astronomical and the medical providers were sending the bills to John Doe for immediate payment without even trying to bill Medi-Cal. At the end of their rope, they called The Dunnion Law Firm seeking immediate help.

The Dunnion Law Firm arranged for an immediate payment for vehicle "loss of use" in the sum of $480.00 to help with immediate basic emergency needs. The insurance company failed to inform the couple that they were entitled to this payment. The Dunnion Law Firm them quickly arranged settlement of the claim at the maximum value within 30 days. The also negotiated reductions in the required reimbursement to Medi-Cal such that they could receive over $30,000.00 in their pockets in less than sixty days This quick action by the firm resulted in much needed cash for the family and also allowed them to avoid being blemished by bankruptcy.

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