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Blog Posts in April, 2012

  • Client Knocked Down By Driver In A Hurry

    || 26-Apr-2012

    The victim was a 46-year old woman disabled with Muniere’s Disease who was hit while walking down the sidewalk. The defendant, who was running late to a doctor’s appointment, backed out of her driveway without looking and knocked the client to the ground. Neither the emergency room doctors, nor the client’s own physician had anything to offer her besides pain medication and ...
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  • Dunnion Achieves $105,000.00 Settlement for Hanford Man

    || 24-Apr-2012

    In March of 2011, a Hanford man was on his way to meet his wife for lunch when another driver pulled out from a stop sign directly into his path, totaling out the family's 1993 Honda Accord. After the accident, the man mistakenly believed he was "O.K." until three days later when he could barely move. This, coupled with the fact that the at-fault insurance company was ignoring the ...
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  • Client Obtains Nearly $1,000,000 On A Hotly Disputed Liability Case

    || 23-Apr-2012

    Our client was driving in the early morning hours when she saw a shuttle van in her lane and she swerved into the oncoming lane. The other vehicle denied being in our client's lane and the other driver blamed our client for being in his lane and causing the accident. However, the other driver left a skid mark in our client's lane and the police investigation found the other driver at ...
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  • A young San Jose office administrator and mother of two small children found herself under "special investigation" by an insurance company for the woman who rear-ended her. Despite all of the administrator’s proper and reasonable efforts to bring her claim to this insurance company and her efforts to obtain medical treatment for her persisting shoulder pain, this young woman was ...
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  • A 56 year old clerical worker was on her way to her job on September 7, 2011 when she was surprised by a fellow motorist. The motorist, apparently in a big hurry and not willing to go with the flow of traffic, crowded the woman three times before finally cutting directly in front of her. Unable to stop she struck the rear of his vehicle. The collision caused major damage to her 2003 Cadillac ...
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  • In November of 2010, a Modesto woman was stopped at a stop sign when another driver slammed into the back of her car, pushing her vehicle into the car stopped in front of her. The collision was so violent that her automobile was rendered a total loss. After the accident, the client was being badgered by the insurance companies involved to give statements, sign this and sign that, causing her to ...
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  • Pick up Driver Clips Bicyclist with Mirror Causing Fall

    || 17-Apr-2012

    On June 24, 2009 a 31 year old female hotel worker was struck while riding her bicycle in the early morning hours. She was on her way to work at 5 a.m. to set up breakfast for guests at a local hotel when the diver of a pick up failed to see her and struck her with his side view mirror. She was tossed from the bicycle and felt pain in her shoulder. The pick up driver drove on thinking at first ...
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  • Woman Burned By Heater Gets a Near Six Figure Settlement

    || 16-Apr-2012

    Our client was a wedding guest at a fancy Bay Area hotel. She had been drinking and didn't see a space heater due to the dark conditions of the event. She bumped into the heater and suffered serious 2nd degree burns on her arm. The hotel staff said she was drunk, didn't call her an ambulance and simply tried to apply ointment, which worsened the injury. Our client hired a first attorney ...
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  • Uninsured Motorcyclist Settles Claim for $500,000.00

    || 11-Apr-2012

    It was a bright, sunny April morning when a 45 year old heavy equipment mechanic who was recovering from an industrial injury, decided to take his girl friend for a short ride on his Harley. He had been off work for sometime due to the industrial injury and consequently did not register or insure the motorcycle that was essentially stored. It was just going to be a short ride on this pleasant day. ...
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  • Our client was hit when the defendant ran a red light and smashed into the side of her car. She suffered multiple serious injuries, including an ulnar fracture and neck and back sprains. When she called the Dunnion Law Firm, she urgently needed surgery to prevent her arm fracture from healing improperly, but did not have health insurance and could not afford to pay for the surgery. The Dunnion Law ...
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