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Client Obtains Nearly $1,000,000 On A Hotly Disputed Liability Case

Client Obtains Nearly $1,000,000 On A Hotly Disputed Liability Case

Posted By The Dunnion Law Firm || 23-Apr-2012

Our client was driving in the early morning hours when she saw a shuttle van in her lane and she swerved into the oncoming lane. The other vehicle denied being in our client's lane and the other driver blamed our client for being in his lane and causing the accident. However, the other driver left a skid mark in our client's lane and the police investigation found the other driver at fault. Our client sustained serious injuries including multiple leg fractures, chest fracture, and nearly died. She was airlifted to a trauma center and spent weeks in rehab after multiple surgeries.

In depositions, the investigating officer testifed our client told him she was not wearing her seatbelt. The corporate defendant and their insurance company denied causing the accident, blamed our client for causing her injuries by her admission she was not wearing her seat belt, did not believe all of her injuries were from the accident as she has prior injuries, did not believe she was permanently disabled and could not work, did not believe she needed future surgery, and fought us in litigation for nearly two years. The other side hired 8 experts to fight our client.

The Dunnion Law Firm spent nearly $40,000.00 to hire the best accident, biomechanic, and medical experts to fight the defendants back, took and

defendant fifteen (15) party, officer, firefighter and doctor depositions, and conducted two confidential mediations. The matter settled at the 2nd

mediation for nearly seven figures. The Dunnion Law Firm then negotiated significant reductions with our client's health insurer which allowed our client to receive a substantial portion of her settlement. She will never have to work again due to her settlement.

When you or a loved one is seriously injured in a car, motorcycle, truck, pedestrian or bicycle accident, you need the best attorneys fighting for you. Call The Dunnion Law Firm and we will beat up the insurance company for you and get you what you deserve - it's just that easy.

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