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Merced Mother of Six Gets $100,000 for Shoulder Injuries

Merced Mother of Six Gets $100,000 for Shoulder Injuries

Posted By The Dunnion Law Firm || 22-Aug-2012

When a careless driver ran a red light and broadsided our Merced client, she initially appeared to have only whiplash, back pain, and some shoulder pain. However, three months after the accident her shoulder continued to be very tender and painful. An MRI revealed shoulder impingement syndrome. A leading orthopedist attempted to resolve her complaints with shoulder injections, however, surgical intervention became required when this failed.

Once she underwent surgery to repair her shoulder and completed physical therapy, she was for the first time since the accident able to use her shoulder without pain. The insurance company initially tried to low-ball her with offers that would barely pay for her medical bills. But, her lawyers showed the tremendous effect the accident had on her life, and documented just how difficult it was to be a mother of six yet be unable to perform household chores.

Once her attorneys had secured the $100,000 policy limits, they negotiated over $24,000 in medical bill reductions, increasing the amount she received in her pocket with each dollar they cut.

Categories: Auto Accident