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Young Hollister Mother Injures Arm In Head-on Freeway Accident

Young Hollister Mother Injures Arm In Head-on Freeway Accident

Posted By The Dunnion Law Firm || 4-Dec-2012

A 29 year old Hollister mother and children’s clothes store clerk, found herself, while a passenger, in a terrifying head-on car accident on the freeway. Her former friend and driver of the car, failed to keep a safe speed and lost control of her vehicle, veering into opposing traffic. The young Hollister mother thought she and her small son would not survive the crash. She was transported to an area hospital and fortunately only had a simple fracture which healed completely. The first p[roblem this mother had was that there were five other people who were injured in the crash and the driver’s available insurance to pay everyone was minimal. She sought the help of The Dunnion Law Firm, who immediately obtained the entire policy limit forher.

Dunnion’s next step was to obtain all of the available insurance under it’s client’s own policy. Despite a fully healed arm fracture Dunnion argued that this young mother still suffered from a persistent shoulder condition that might require future surgery according to one of her doctors. The mother declined to undergo surgery, but the Dunnion Law Firm was still able to obtain a $115,000 settlement.

Now this young mother has the funds to get her surgery in the future should she decide she needs it. She was not only made whole through the settlement that Dunnion got her, but she will be taken care of in the future. The Dunnion Law Firm will always maximize clients’ cases to their full dollar value because Dunnion clients deserve nothing less.

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