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Blog Posts in February, 2012

  • The Dunnion Law Firm successfully settled a claim for a Central Valley publishing clerk who was hurt while riding on a motorcycle driven by the defendant. The woman hurt her shoulder badly and sought emergency care and follow-up care. Her doctors released her from all care and said she did not need further treatment. She was still in pain and could not understand why no doctor could help with her ...
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  • Passenger Gerts $100,000 Policy Limits in Disputed Liability Crash

    || 22-Feb-2012

    Our client was a passenger in a car involved in a head-on accident with another vehicle. There was a serious dispute as to fault although the police found against our client's driver. Our client fractured her ankle and had surgery and her medical bills were nearly $100,000. The Dunnion Law Firm fought for the client, secured a policy limits of $100,000 and $5,000.00 in medical coverage, for a ...
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  • Client Claims "It's Not My Fault"

    || 3-Feb-2012

    In April of 2010, a Hayward man was injured when a large SUV driven by a woman pulled out from a parking lot into his lane of travel and broadsided his vehicle with such force as to push it across the street onto the opposite curb. The client’s vehicle was rendered a total loss. The entire time the investigating officers were at the accident scene, the SUV driver refused to believe it was ...
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  • Insurance Compant Denies Claim without Cause

    || 2-Feb-2012

    A Hayward man was a passenger in a vehicle in San Jose when a negligent driver failed to yield in an intersection and struck the passenger side of the man’s car directly on the door where he was sitting. The man refused to go to the hospital by ambulance because he did not have health insurance, but he immediately felt pain in his neck, shoulder, and back. After four days, the pain ...
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