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74-Year-old Woman Receives $100,000 After Being Struck While Crossing the Street

74-Year-old Woman Receives $100,000 After Being Struck While Crossing the Street

Posted By The Dunnion Law Firm || 16-Jan-2012

A San Jose woman set out to walk her young grandnephew to school as she enjoyed doing every morning. While they were crossing the street within a crosswalk, a driver made a right turn directly into them. Though the driver was traveling at a slow speed, she pinned the woman’s legs underneath her bumper and narrowly missed the young boy. Thankfully, the woman suffered no fractured bones, but the impact did cause some permanent damage to her right knee.

The driver’s insurance company initially balked at the Dunnion Law Firm’s demand that they offer the victim the $100,000 limits of the insurance policy. Instead of giving in to the insurance company’s demand for full medical records, a medical examination, and a significantly reduced settlement, the Dunnion Law Firm offered them 14 days to tender the full policy or face a lawsuit.

Only days after insisting that our client would never receive $100,000 for her injuries, the insurance company called to offer the full amount.

If you were in an accident, remember that the insurance companies do not have your best interests in mind. They want to pay as little as possible on your claim regardless of what you truly deserve, and will use every excuse they can to save money at your expense. Hire a tough law firm like the Dunnion Law Firm to make sure you get the maximum possible settlement