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Blog Posts in March, 2012

  • Defendant Has No Insurance in Rollover Accident

    || 20-Mar-2012

    Dunnion’s client was driving his Ford Ranger down the road when an uninsured motorist pulled out from a stop sign, directly in his path. The truck had nowhere to go, and glanced off the front of the car and rolled over. The client injured his shoulder and back and went through a course of physical therapy that got him back to work. The Dunnion firm started to negotiate a settlement with his ...
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  • Our client, a 74 year old Merced County man, was driving with his wife on southbound Highway 99 in Turlock when he felt and heard an impact to his vehicle. The impact sent our client’s vehicle careening to the right and onto the shoulder of the highway before he was able to correct back onto the roadway. Upon entering back onto the asphalt roadway, our client over-corrected to the left, and ...
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  • Client Appreciation After $130,000 Settlement

    || 12-Mar-2012

    I am so grateful for everything the attorneys and staff at the Dunnion Law Firm did for me in my case. At the time of my accident I had no job or health insurance with which to pay for treatment and even worse, I was partially to blame. My accident left me with a concussion and mild brain injury, and a ton of life problems. The insurance company was telling me that they would pay me nothing ...
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  • Motorcycle vs. Dog Results in Quick 6 Figure Settlement

    || 8-Mar-2012

    The client was riding a motorcycle at night in a residential area when a dog escaped from a yard and ran in front of our client. Our client hit the dog and crashed suffering a leg fracture and a wrist fracture which required surgery. For nearly a year, our client was getting the run around from the dog owner's insurance company until he hired The Dunnion Law Firm. The Dunnion Law Firm quickly ...
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  • A married 43 year old rider of a motorcycle was injured when struck by an inattentive driver on a Stockton city Street. The defendant claimed that she was not familiar with the area when she made her left turn from the right lane. The motorcycle rider swerved to his left but could not escape the on coming vehicle. Fortunately he only sustained "road rash" and soft tissue injuries. He was ...
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