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Client Appreciation After $130,000 Settlement

Client Appreciation After $130,000 Settlement

Posted By The Dunnion Law Firm || 12-Mar-2012

I am so grateful for everything the attorneys and staff at the Dunnion Law Firm did for me in my case. At the time of my accident I had no job or health insurance with which to pay for treatment and even worse, I was partially to blame.

My accident left me with a concussion and mild brain injury, and a ton of life problems. The insurance company was telling me that they would pay me nothing because they said the accident was my fault. I needed help desperately, so I called The Dunnion Law Firm because I had heard they were experts at helping good people in bad situations.

The attorneys and staff exceeded all my expectations. I felt as if they treated me like a human being at a time everyone else treated me like an unwanted claim number. They helped me manage my personal affairs while they professionally handled my case. If I had a question, I could always reach my attorney or a helpful staff member. The folks at Dunnion stopped me from getting crushed by the insurance companies, helped me avoid having a medical bankruptcy, and left me with adequate money to get my life back together.

I cannot thank the attorneys and staff at the Dunnion Law Firm enough and would recommend them to anyone who suffers a personal injury. R.S.