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Madera Man Left For Dead By Reckless Driver

Madera Man Left For Dead By Reckless Driver

Posted By The Dunnion Law Firm || 1-May-2012

A Madera resident was walking home in the evening when a reckless driver swerved nearly 15 feet off the edge of the road and struck the man walking on the dirt shoulder. The driver did not stop, but rather, sped away trying to flee the scene. A passing motorist turned and tried to catch the reckless driver who had a large head start. The reckless driver stopped for a train and the witness was able to get the license number. The witness then returned to the scene and give the license number to the police.

The victim, who had been left for dead by the reckless driver, was taken to Madera Community Hospital where it was determined his abdominal injuries were too severe for the facility causing his transfer to the trauma center in Fresno. His injuries included a ruptured spleen which casused the need for emergency surgery to repair the spleen and other damaged abdominal organs.

Because the man had no health insurance, he was discharged immediately after he recovered from the emergency surgery and was taken home by his family. Within 24 hours of being released, he was taken back to Madera Community Hospital where he remained for several days.

Not only had the reckless driver left him for dead, but the doctors and hospitals were refusing to give him adequate medical care because he had no means to pay for it. He called The Dunnion Law Firm for help.

He was immediately evaluated by a doctor and an MRI was performed which revealed that the man had an avulsion fracture in the knee which went undiagnosed by either of the hospitals. The Dunnion Law Firm arranged for the man to have surgery on his knee and further arranged for the providers to wait for payment of the medical care until his case was completed.

Because he was unable to work, the man could not pay his child support or other vital living expenses. The Dunnion Law Firm made arrangements with a loan company to pay the child support and to provide several advances for living expenses while he recuperated from injuries sustained in the accident.

After the man recovered from surgery, a policy limits settlement of $250,000.00 was achieved by The Dunnion Law Firm. The medical expenses were paid at negotiated reduced amounts (there was over $205,000.00 in medical treatment), the loans that kept him afloat were repaid, and the man still was able to receive a significant portion of the settlement in his pocket.

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