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Rollover Victim Gets $100,000 Settlement

Rollover Victim Gets $100,000 Settlement

Posted By The Dunnion Law Firm || 25-May-2012

The injury victim was on her cell phone and not wearing a seatbelt when the other driver, who had been fishing and drinking, made an illegal lane change forcing our client off Highway 41. Her car rolled over numerous times and thankfully, although against the law, she had momentarily taken off her seatbelt. Instead of being crushed to death, she was thrown from the vehicle and sustained a pelvic fracture and other serious injuries.

The client was misled into hiring a new L.A. lawyer who had failed to disclose to her that he had charges pending against him by the State Bar. He did nothing for our client except send her to a chiropractor! Our client was fed up with his office not returning her calls and the lack of attention to her case that she fired him and hired The Dunnion Law Firm a few months after the accident. The Dunnion Law Firm realized the serious injuries and helped her proper medical attention for her serious injuries. The other carrier, Allstate, refused to pay any money to her even though the police report was clear against their driver. The Dunnion Law Firm filed suit against the other driver and after extensive litigation, Allstate agreed to pay our client $100,000.00, their policy limits. The Dunnion Law Firm then assisted the client with negotiating her bills, which were nearly $75,000.00, and our client was able to receive a nice settlement after she paid her obligations.

Don't waste time with new lawyers who are all talk and will not devote the attention necessary to you and your serious injury case. You need experienced litigation attorneys to fight the insurance companies for you. You need The Dunnion Law Firm on your's just that easy.

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