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Blog Posts in October, 2012

  • Relatively Minor Injuries result in $60,000 Settlement

    || 31-Oct-2012

    In 2010, while driving her car in Fresno, the victim suffered a broadside impact from a negligent driver causing her to suffer "whiplash" type injuries. The insurance company initially denied her claim, citing her history of fibromyalgia and other health issues, and steadfastly refused to compensate her for anything. The Dunnion Law Firm filed a lawsuit on her behalf and aggressively ...
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  • Indigent Woman Receives Policy Limit Settlement

    || 30-Oct-2012

    An indigent woman, small of frame and separated from her husband was struck and injured by a car as she "jay walked" across Blackstone Ave, in Fresno. Her life was hard and she lived in a very poor area of Central Fresno. She had a dryer but no washing machine. She was walking to a friends house to use their laundry room when the accident occurred. Being destitute she did not know what ...
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  • "Like A Good Neighbor" - Not This Time!

    || 24-Oct-2012

    On October 23, 2011, a Fresno man was riding his bicycle to the store when he was hit by a driver in a large sport utility vehicle, causing the man to be thrown from his bicycle and land on the street with obvious injuries. Emergency personnel arrived very quickly and stabilized the client’s severe right ankle fracture, facial lacerations and head injuries. He was taken by ambulance to the ...
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  • A young food server and college student from San Jose suffered a painful eye injury from an air bag that deployed during an accident on the freeway. His doctors told him that his iris was torn and he would need surgery in the future. For two years he tried to treat it conservatively, but his eye pain and light sensitivity became intolerable. A week before his statute of limitations ...
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  • Woman Recovers $300,000 in Pedestrian Accident

    || 16-Oct-2012

    Our client, a disabled woman, was crossing the street in Oakland in a cross walk on a green light in broad daylight. The defendant was driving and not paying attention and she struck our client, knocking her down. Our client immediately felt pain in her back and was rushed to the hospital. She was not diagnosed with a fractured back until days later, after she fell out of a chair. The hospital ...
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  • Woman gets $250,000 Settlement From Minor Car Accident

    || 5-Oct-2012

    The Victim was hit by a young girl driving her mother's car who failed to yield to her while pulling out of a gas station. Our client's vehicle had minor damage of $1,000.00 and the other car only had $100 in damage. Our client immediately felt back pain and went to Kaiser and treated for months with no relief. She had an MRI which showed lumbar damage and she went outside of Kaiser for a ...
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  • personal injury claim, she hired The Dunnion Law Firm to obtain insurance monies from her uninsured motorist coverage insurance company. The insurance company reviewed all of the medical records and told the woman, who was it’s own insured, that she already had had arthritis in the hand and that was why she needed surgery. They offered her a low amount and basically said she was not hurt ...
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