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Woman Recovers $300,000 in Pedestrian Accident

Woman Recovers $300,000 in Pedestrian Accident

Posted By The Dunnion Law Firm || 16-Oct-2012

Our client, a disabled woman, was crossing the street in Oakland in a cross walk on a green light in broad daylight. The defendant was driving and not paying attention and she struck our client, knocking her down. Our client immediately felt pain in her back and was rushed to the hospital. She was not diagnosed with a fractured back until days later, after she fell out of a chair. The hospital actually wrote that, although our client had returned to the hospital many times after the accident complaining of severe back pain, she has broken her back falling from a chair! Our client treated for nearly two years. Her medical records were thousands of pages and she had numerous unrelated issues which may have been affected in the accident.

Our attorneys took weeks to review all of the records when they came in, and sent off a demand and gave the insurance company 15 days to pay our client, which is shorrter than the standard 40 day response time allowed by law. On the last day, the insurance carrier disclosed its policy limits of $300K but argued that her injuries revolved around the fall from the chair and unrelated medical issues. After a lengthy conversation, the insurance company faxed a letter over an hour later offering to pay our client the full $300K, which is all the money available to her! The Dunnion Law Firm had negotiated her bills so that they were all paid by Medi-Cal, and then negotiated the reimbursement to Medi-Cal., so that the client ended up with a large net recovery.

If you or a loved one are injured in an automobile, pedestrian, motorcycle, truck or bicycle accident, you need attorneys who can fight insurance companies, who know the medical issues involved in getting a client top dollar, and can get through the obstacles which insurance companies put in your path to delay and stall paying you. You need The Dunnion Law Firm on your side to fight for you.

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