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Blog Posts in September, 2012

  • In January 2011, the victim was seriously injured when the defendant made an improper left turn into our client’s path of travel. After being taken by ambulance to the emergency room, where he was simply given pain medication and sent home, our client was forced to undergo months of therapy and chiropractic manipulation to address his persistent and debilitating shoulder pain. After his ...
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  • Injured Rider's Medical Bills Paid After Hiring The Dunnion Law Firm

    || 28-Sep-2012

    After retiring from a 20 year career in metal fabrication all he wanted to do was spend time with his wife and ride his beloved 1994 Harley-Davidson motorcycle. Unfortunately, a negligent driver changed those simple plans when he failed to stop at an intersection and broadsided the motorcycle rider. He was taken to the hospital and treated for a severe leg fracture. He was released home to the ...
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  • A retired Central Valley state worker was on her way home and driving through a construction zone when she was rear-ended by defendant. She was ambulanced to the emergency room and released with a diagnosis of back sprain. She took it easy for a week, but her back pain did not improve and she got chiropractic treatment. After a full year of unsuccessful chiropractic treatment, she realized she ...
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  • Man Gets Six Figure Settlement In Head On Accident

    || 26-Sep-2012

    Our client was driving and the Defendant lost control of hid vehicle in a driving and collided with him head on. Even though the Police report clearly faulted the other driver, she subsequently changed her story and claimed she had witnesses blaming our client. Based on this new story her insurance company siezed on the opportunity and tried to deny the claim. This caused the the client to hire ...
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  • In the early morning hours of May 15, 2011, a Bay area man was driving on I-80 west of Sacramento. It had been raining off and on throughout the night and the roadway was slick. Before the man changed lanes, he glanced over his right shoulder for a brief second to make sure the other lane was clear of traffic. When he glanced back to his lane of travel, to his horror he saw a set of headlights ...
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  • Bicyclist Dies and Is Blamed But Policy Limits Still Collected

    || 13-Sep-2012

    Decedent a 53 year old father of two adult children was killed when he tried to ride his bicycle across a busy Tulare street.. He was a daily bicycle rider as he had no driver’s license. He had not worked in three years and was an alcoholic and diabetic heart patient. On the day of the accident he was taking 13 different medications. He would sometimes become almost lethargic. Unfortunately, ...
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  • Dunnion Client Reluctant to "Sue" Her Friend

    || 11-Sep-2012

    Dunnion’s client thought she had a dilemma. She was a passenger on a motorcycle and her driver rear-ended a motorist, causing an accident in which the client was significantly injured. She thought she would not be able to sustain a claim against her driver without "suing" him and she did not want to put her friend’s assets at risk. The Dunnion Law Firm was able to reassure ...
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  • Homeless Motorcyclist On A Suspended License Settles Claim For $100,000

    || 10-Sep-2012

    A homeless unemployed truck driver who’s motorcycle operator license had been suspended was riding an early 2000 Kawasaki ZRX 1200 motorcycle in rural Madera County. As he approached an Avenue 17 intersection he observed a large SUV approaching. He thought the SUV would stop at the limit line; it did not. He swerved the motorcycle but struck the front of the SUV injuring his shoulder. He ...
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