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Blog Posts in April, 2013

  • Los Banos Man Has Nowhere To Turn, Except The Dunnion Law Firm

    || 27-Apr-2013

    A Merced County man woke up in the hospital in Modesto with no memory of how he got there. The man was told by hospital staff that he was in the street, in the middle of the night, and he was hit by a car. They had no other details to provide to him. He had no memory of the days before he regained consciousness. The man’s family tried to gather details. With no success they turned to The ...
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  • Our client was driving in his small town in the Central Valley. He approached a stop sign, believes he stopped as he normally did, and proceeded cautiously. The other driver was driving with the right of way and pulling a trailer full of tools. The driver saw our client in front of him but did not take action to avoid hitting him, and caused a spectular crash which rolled our client's vehicle ...
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  • Pedestrian Hit By Car, And Then "Hit" By The Insurance Companies

    || 26-Apr-2013

    A long time Bakersfield resident was crossing the street in front of his house, where he lived for nearly half a century. The street has grown to a busy four lane street 70 feet across with no lights or crosswalks within a thousand feet of his house. The man owned a business across the street from his home and he crossed the street to return home every evening for years. In March 2012 the man ...
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  • That's My Lawyer - He's The Best

    || 24-Apr-2013

    A 33 year old San Jose mother and college student was the front seat passenger in a car driven by her friend when it was hit almost head on by a young teenage driver insured by Allstate. The woman suffered a fractured ankle, and was taken by ambulance to a local hospital for treatment. After her release from the hospital, she was confined to a wheelchair for months while her fractured ankle ...
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  • Boy Shot In Face At School Principal's Home Settles For Six Figures

    || 15-Apr-2013

    Our client, a minor, was shot in the eye by a B.B. gun loaded with a toothpick while at the home of a local elementary school principal. The minor was shot in the eye when the principal's minor son retrieved an unsecured gun from his older brother's room. The boys were horseplaying in the house because the principal and his wife were not home to supervise the teens. Our client underwent ...
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  • prove that the seizure was from the motor vehicle accident and offered to pay only the bills for the initial treatment. The couple thought this unfair and called The Dunnion Law Firm. The assigned attorney immediately gathered the records, hired an expert to evaluate the medical history and demanded tender of the Buick owners insurance policy limit in the amount of $100,000.00. Faced with the ...
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  • Modesto Junior College Student Struck While Crossing Street

    || 5-Apr-2013

    A college student was crossing Coldwell Avenue at Campus Way in Modesto, California, when she was struck by a careless driver. Even though the driver would later tell responding officers that he noticed blinking crosswalk lights, he claimed that as he approached the crosswalk he was blinded by oncoming headlights. Even still, he continued through the crosswalk, striking a student in the knee with ...
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  • Victim Of Speeding Driver Secures Policy Limits Settlement

    || 3-Apr-2013

    Contra Costa County man was riding along with a friend when the friend lost control of her vehicle and collided with the center median. Making matters worse, she mistook the gas pedal for the brake, and accelerated off the road and into a tree, ejecting herself and inflicting major injuries on her passengers. Unfortunately, the driver only maintained a vehicle insurance policy of $50,000 per ...
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  • Fresno, CA- A man with pre-existing stomach problems was involved in a minor accident that for most Californians would not have caused injury. The property damage was minimal, less than $1,000.00. Unfortunately, due to the man’s unique medical conditions, the light impact caused him to suffer a serious hernia. The insurance companies were treating the man poorly, saying he couldn’t ...
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