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Man Gets $60,000 From His Own Insurer

Man Gets $60,000 From His Own Insurer

Posted By The Dunnion Law Firm || 15-Aug-2013

The client and his friend had a minor car accident ($2,500.00 in property damage) when an inattentive driver rearended them. Both had neck and back injuries and went to a local doctor. The passenger recovered and settled his case with the at-fault driver. The driver had ongoing problems and was referred to a specialist. The at-fault driver's insurance company paid its policy limits to the client and the client underwent injections in his low back. He became better but did not make a full recovery. The client sued his insurance company and the parties agreed to mediate the case.

At mediation, the client's insurance company argued our young client was not hurt and the car barely had visible damage despite over $2,000.00 in repairs. We fought for our client and settled for $60,000.00, which was more than enough money to cover all his bills, provide him a nice sum for his pain and suffering, and he is now going to attend college and start fresh.

When you or a loved one are injured in an car accident, even if it is not a major crash, you need to talk to someone who knows the law and how to fight the insurance company bullies - you need a tough negotiator on your side - you need The Dunnion Law Firm - it's just that easy.

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