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Bruised Motorcyclist Receives $100,000.00 for His Damages

Bruised Motorcyclist Receives $100,000.00 for His Damages

Posted By The Dunnion Law Firm || 9-Dec-2013

Our client was injured when a women in an SUV went to park on the other side of the street our client was on, resulting in a motocycle accident. This unsafe turn resulted in an impact with the motorcyclist at approximately 30 MPH. The motorcyclist fell to the ground bruising his hands and chest. He was checked out at the Kern Medical Center and released. Fortunately, he was bruised but otherwise unharmed. He contacted the woman’s insurance carrier to seek payment for the hospital bill. The insurance company refused stating that the treatment was not necessary for his "soft" tissue injury.

It was then that he contacted The Dunnion Law Firm. The Dunnion attorney was able to explain to the insurance company that soft-tissue injury does not mean "soft" as in it did not hurt. Rather thru the use of medical evidence the Dunnion attorney established that at least a portion of the injury was permanent and that the through evaluation at the Kern Medical Center was, in fact, reasonable and necessary in light of the 30 MPH impact. The insurance company on behalf of the SUV driver acquiesced and paid the full policy limit of $100,000.00. The motorcyclist was pleased noting that his policy was only $15,000.00 the Californian minimum coverage. He said he would buy more under insured motorist coverage and definitely call The Dunnion Law firm should he ever have such an unfortunate encounter again.

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