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Man Hit By Distracted Driver Receives $50,000 Settlement

Man Hit By Distracted Driver Receives $50,000 Settlement

Posted By The Dunnion Law Firm || 18-Dec-2013

Our client was walking across the street in front of his own house. A lady was speeding down the residential street and says she never saw him so she never applied her brakes, and she struck him, throwing him feet from her car. The police blamed our client for jaywalking in front of his own home! He had a few fractured ribs and other injuries. Allstate denied the claim based on the police report. The client was frustrated and hurt and called The Dunnion Law Firm, APC. Within 3 months, we obtained his bills and records to try and settle the case. Allstate sent us a letter saying we were wasting our time as they had denied the claim, and were not going to pay our client. The seasoned litigation attorney made a phone call to Allstate, then sent a strong demand letter giving Allstate ten (10) days to pay. They paid their full $50,000 policy without question.

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