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Insurance Company Tells Elderly Widow Her Permanent Wrist Damage Is Minor

Insurance Company Tells Elderly Widow Her Permanent Wrist Damage Is Minor

Posted By The Dunnion Law Firm || 14-Feb-2013

"It’s just a wrist fracture." This was the actual response of the Insurance adjuster when this sweet, 80-year-old widow first presented her claim to the insurance company. An accident caused by a careless driver fractured the lunate bone of her dominant hand. Suddenly she was unable to use her hand without pain, and even forced to give up her only hobby of knitting. Even worse, she developed carpal tunnel syndrome and began to lose sensation in her dominant hand. However, the insurance company dismissed this as only a minor injury from which she would quickly recover. They offered her a paltry $6,250 for her pain, suffering, and diminished ability to use her hand.

Her attorney at The Dunnion Law Firm attempted to negotiate with the insurance company but they steadfastly refused to provide fair compensation. Once her attorney threatened a lawsuit, Farmers was finally forced to tender the limits of their policy of $30,000.

The victim and her attorney then presented her claim to her own insurance company, with whom she maintained an underinsured motorist policy of $100,000. She unfortunately faced the same treatment and was offered only $6,000. Again, The Dunnion Law Firm prepared for litigation. However, her attorney provided a last-chance deadline to the insurance company to provide fair compensation. On that date, the insurance company tendered the remaining money due to the victim, so that her gross recovery became $100,000.00.

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