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$50,000 Settlement Obtained For Woman Rear Ended In Low Impact

$50,000 Settlement Obtained For Woman Rear Ended In Low Impact

Posted By The Dunnion Law Firm || 18-Jan-2013

Given her long history of back problems, a low impact auto accident caused considerable pain for an elderly woman in Dinuba, CA. Despite the other driver being clearly at fault, the insurance company told her she couldn’t be hurt badly given the minimal property damage, even though she suffered considerably for months after the accident.

Frustrated and overwhelmed, the woman called the Dunnion Law Firm. The Dunnion lawyers took her case. They immediately stepped in and pushed back aggressively against the insurance company, arguing that under the "Eggshell Plaintiff" rule, the negligent driver and his insurance company must take the elderly client as they found her, bad back and all.

The DLF attorneys were able to secure their client a $50k settlement.

Categories: Auto Accident