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Blog Posts in July, 2013

  • Woman Knocked Down By Dog At Beach Results In $80,000 Settlement

    || 24-Jul-2013

    A Monterey-county hospital worker was jogging on a beach where dogs are allowed to be off leash. A dog-owner failed to control his half-blind dog from running into the jogger. The woman fell and fractured her wrist. She would later need knee surgery. Her once normally athletic and active life was changed in that collision between animal and human. But it would get worse for this woman. The ...
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  • Work Injury Interferes With Settlement Of Claim

    || 19-Jul-2013

    The client sustained a shoulder surgery when an elderly unlicensed driver plowed into her vehicle in front of Macy’s. After two surgeries, the case was ready to settle, but during protracted negotiations, the insurance carrier only offered $75,000, stating that the client’s job involved heavy lifting which contributed to her condition. After a lawsuit was filed, they offered to ...
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  • Youth On Bicycle Hit By Car Gets Six Figure Award

    || 11-Jul-2013

    The victim, a minor, was riding in a bike lane on a busy road in Visalia. The defendant was driving her car at 55 mph and was passing our client. Our client swerved left into her lane to avoid an obstacle in the bike path. The driver failed to see the obstacle, failed to anticipate our client would swerve into her lane, and failed to avoid striking our client. She hit him at full speed causing him ...
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  • The Guy That Hit Me Has No Insurance - What Do I Do Now?

    || 10-Jul-2013

    On August 21, 2012, a Merced woman was stopped at a stop light behind another car, when a driver with no auto insurance slammed into the rear of her car, pushing her into the vehicle in front of her. The force of the impact caused her left knee to hit the dashboard under the steering wheel and fractured her left knee. Her cherished PT Cruiser was destroyed and her life was changed forever. Of most ...
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  • As our client was driving on a Visalia-area road an oncoming vehicle suddenly turned left directly across her path. She slammed on the brakes but was unable to stop. She smashed into the other vehicle then careened off the road and into a palm tree. Though she received the emergency treatment she needed, our client lacked health insurance. Making matters even worse, an MRI revealed a rotator cuff ...
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  • Injured Man Gets $500,000 After Two Prior Lawyers Unable To Collect

    || 3-Jul-2013

    The victim was driving on his own residential street when a neighbor backed out of her driveway and into his car. He tried to swerve but hit her. Because he had just entered his vehicle, he had not yet put on his seatbelt and due to the crash, he was thrown into the dashboard. Unfortunately, our client ended up paralyzed. The police arrived and at least one witness blamed our client for speeding ...
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