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Injured Man Gets $500,000 After Two Prior Lawyers Unable To Collect

Injured Man Gets $500,000 After Two Prior Lawyers Unable To Collect

Posted By The Dunnion Law Firm || 3-Jul-2013

The victim was driving on his own residential street when a neighbor backed out of her driveway and into his car. He tried to swerve but hit her. Because he had just entered his vehicle, he had not yet put on his seatbelt and due to the crash, he was thrown into the dashboard. Unfortunately, our client ended up paralyzed. The police arrived and at least one witness blamed our client for speeding so the police faulted him! His neighbor even hired an attorney to sue our client for the accident.

Our client hired a "big shot" attorney in San Francisco who immediately filed a lawsuit within weeks of his accident, and spent months fighting the large insurance company with no success. Our client fired him and then hired a "personal injury specialist" lawyer. He got the run around for three months and finally fired them and hired The Dunnion Law Firm. This was the best decision he made.

The Dunnion Law Firm reviewed thousands of pages of documents and evidence, had a teleconference with all of the lawyers, and were able to postpone depositions to attempt settlement. After extensive negotiations, and despite all evidence pointing fingers at our client, the insurance company offered its $500,000.00 policy limits to our client. We negotiated all of his bills down and set up a special needs trust leaving him well over $100,000.00 for himself, as well as preserving all of his health insurance benefits.

And it was all done in three months.

Please do not assume "big shot" or "specialist" lawyers know what they are doing. Here, they cost our client thousands of dollars in unnecessary fees and costs.

You need to hire someone with a proven track record of results who knows how to protect you from the insurance company attorneys, and who can bring the insurance company to its knees to need The Dunnion Law's just that easy.

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