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Youth On Bicycle Hit By Car Gets Six Figure Award

Youth On Bicycle Hit By Car Gets Six Figure Award

Posted By The Dunnion Law Firm || 11-Jul-2013

The victim, a minor, was riding in a bike lane on a busy road in Visalia. The defendant was driving her car at 55 mph and was passing our client. Our client swerved left into her lane to avoid an obstacle in the bike path. The driver failed to see the obstacle, failed to anticipate our client would swerve into her lane, and failed to avoid striking our client. She hit him at full speed causing him serious head injuries. A witness behind the defendant was paying attention and was able to see and avoid oru client. However, the police took the easy route and blamed our client.

The insurance company for the driver did nothing for five months with our client's mother. The insurance company delayed, stalled and dragged their feet, and blamed our client for the accident. Our client's mother hired The Dunnion Law Firm because she was being bullied and had nowhere else to turn.

We stepped into the case and all of a sudden, the insurance company took the position that they were waiting for any medical records and bills from the client's mother, that there were considering paying the minor, and that his mother was the reason for the delay. This was pure baloney. We were able to step in and get them to pay the entire six figure policy limit to our client within days.

If you or a loved one are seriously injured in a car or bicycle accident, please call us immediately. The insurance companies are professional delayers, stallers and are not interested in you or our injuries. You need The Dunnion Law Firm's experience, reputuation, and know how to beat them up and get you paid. You need The Dunnion Law's just that easy.