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Blog Posts in May, 2013

  • Who is Responsible in a Premises Liability Case?

    || 31-May-2013

    Premises liability cases often possess a lot of debate. There can be questions about who is responsible and if compensation needs to be paid. One of the main things that needs to be determined before moving forward is if the injured person was responsible or if the owner is responsible. As an owner of the property, there is an obligation to make sure that the area is reasonably safe. What is ...
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  • Valet Injured At Parking Station By Elderly Driver

    || 30-May-2013

    A valet working near her parking station leaned in to to speak with an elderly driver. Suddenly, the car accelerated and the worker was struck by the mirror. She fell to the ground in pain. Unfortunately, that was just the beginning of her pain. She went to the hospital and learned that she had strained her back. She made a claim with her employers workers compensation carrier and they slowly paid ...
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  • Bay Area Couple's Retirement Saved

    || 29-May-2013

    A disabled married couple from the bay area were involved in a 3 car, "domino" type accident on a city street. Their Honda SUV was the middle of the 3 vehicles, and they turned to the Dunnion Law Firm for help after the insurance companies blamed the husband and refused to compensate them for their car or injuries. Despite the difficult task of establishing the accident as the cause of ...
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  • Member of the Multi-Million Dollar Advocates Forum®

    || 23-May-2013

    The Million Dollar Advocates Forum® is a group of trial lawyers in the U.S. that originally began in 1993. The group has since then grown and also includes the Multi-Million Dollar Advocates Forum. Entry into the Million Dollar Advocates Forum is reserved for trial lawyers that have retained a million dollar settlement or verdict in favor of their clients. In order to become a member of the ...
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  • The Dunnion Law Firm Injury Blog

    || 9-May-2013

    Welcome to the legal blog of The Dunnion Law Firm. We are a personal injury firm in the San Jose area that looks out for the interests of accident victims and their families. Our attorneys are exceptionally knowledgeable in this area of the law and have successfully retained full compensation for many of our clients. We always look for the best results that we can obtain in situations of all ...
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  • Madera Couple Low Balled by Corporate Giant

    || 9-May-2013

    A Madera couple was driving south on Highway 99 in Fresno when a huge truck negligently slammed into the rear of their vehicle. The impact drove the couple’s vehicle forward causing it to strike a third vehicle. The man and woman felt violated by the large corporate truck who’s driver was simply not paying attention to traffic. The injuries caused by this negligent driver were not the ...
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  • A 52 year-old Tulare man was riding his motorcycle home after his workout at the gym, when a driver turned right from a stop light directly in front of him. The man applied his brakes and attempted to swerve to the left to avoid the collision but was unable to do so. He collided with the left rear of car that turned in front of him, which caused his motorcycle to tip over and slide down the ...
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  • Man Shot By Neighbor reaches Confidential Six Figure Settlement

    || 7-May-2013

    Our client was shot by his neighbor who was using a pellet gun. Our client underwent knee surgery to remove the pellet. There was a dispute as to whether the shooting was intentional. Without any source of insurance to pay our client, The Dunnion Law Firm hired experts to evaluate the client's knee and medical injuries. The parties mediated the case and negotiations stalled. The Dunnion Law ...
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  • $52,446.24 Settlement Obtained for Woman Pinned Between Vehicles

    || 6-May-2013

    The client took her vehicle to the car wash and paid extra to have the carpets cleaned. After her vehicle went through the car wash, an attendant pulled it up in front of the customer waiting area to dry it off, while at the same time another attendant parked a pick up truck behind her vehicle. When the car wash attendant signaled to the client that her vehicle was ready, she stood behind it and ...
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  • Central Valley Couple Settles Injury Claim for Large Six Figure Sum

    || 3-May-2013

    The injury victims, who were farm workers, were driving on the freeway when a lady tried to enter the freeway at a high rate of speed. She lost control because of the rain causing the victims to collide with her car. Our clients sustained serious injuries and both were taken to the hospital. The wife had multiple fractures while the husband, thankfully, only had soft tissue injuries. Although the ...
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