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Bay Area Couple's Retirement Saved

Bay Area Couple's Retirement Saved

Posted By The Dunnion Law Firm || 29-May-2013

A disabled married couple from the bay area were involved in a 3 car, "domino" type accident on a city street. Their Honda SUV was the middle of the 3 vehicles, and they turned to the Dunnion Law Firm for help after the insurance companies blamed the husband and refused to compensate them for their car or injuries.

Despite the difficult task of establishing the accident as the cause of their bodily injury claims due to the couple’s pre-existing disabilities, the Dunnion Law Firm steadfastly advocated for them, and prosecuted a lawsuit when the insurance companies refused to make the couple any offer of compensation. After litigation, the couple received a combined $300,000.00 settlement with which to enjoy their retirement.

The couple wholeheartedly recommends the Dunnion Law Firm to anyone who needs an outstanding personal injury lawyer.

Categories: Auto Accident