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After Settlement with "At-fault" Driver, Dunnion Gets Policy Limits from "Innocent" Driver

After Settlement with "At-fault" Driver, Dunnion Gets Policy Limits from "Innocent" Driver

Posted By The Dunnion Law Firm || 8-Nov-2013

Dunnion’s client thought she had a dilemma. She was a passenger on a friend’s motorcycle and her driver rear-ended a motorist, causing an accident in which the client was significantly injured. She thought she would not be able to sustain a claim against her driver without "suing" him and she did not want to put her friend’s assets at risk. The Dunnion Law Firm was able to reassure the client that she could accept an offer from the friend’s insurance company and resolve her claim, without having to file a lawsuit against him. In addition, The Dunnion Law Firm was able to work with the company that had paid all of the client’s medical bills to reduce her reimbursement obligation, thus allowing the client to collect some of the proceeds of this policy limits settlement free and clear of any obligation to pay medical bills.

And now for the rest of the story. After completing that claim, Dunnion agreed to try to sustain a claim against the driver in front, on the theory that she had pulled in front of the motorcycle without warning, contributing to the accident. This was a more difficult claim, requiring filing a lawsuit and conducting litigation and court hearings. In the end, however, the second driver also paid her policy limits–twice as much as the first–and the client was thrilled with Dunnion’s services.

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