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Dunnion Law Firm Rapidly Obtains $65,000 for Young Bakersfield Father of Five

Dunnion Law Firm Rapidly Obtains $65,000 for Young Bakersfield Father of Five

Posted By The Dunnion Law Firm || 29-Nov-2013

A young Bakersfield farm worker and father of five children was leaving work and on the way to his bank to cash his paycheck. His friend and co-worker were driving as he had before on several occasions. Unfortunately, as he did in previous car rides, the friend was speeding. Our farm worker never knew what happened that day he awoke in a hospital.

He had no memory of an accident. He only knew that his friend was dead and he was undergoing several surgeries for trauma to his internal organs. When this farm worker got out of the hospital a week later, he called The Dunnion Law Firm to see if there were even any recovery options for him as now he could not work to feed his five children and his wife. He had no insurance, and he was afraid that his friend had no insurance. He was afraid there was no other car involved with any insurance either.

The Dunnion Law Firm quickly got to work investigating what happened as the police would not issue its report for a month following a death case. Within just a few months of the client calling the firm, Dunnion got the insurance policies of both cars’ drivers tendered. Dunnion even got this rapid result from both drivers’ insurance companies despite the fact that the police report stated that the client’s friend had no fault at all. The Dunnion Law Firm will go to bat and work fast to get all the recovery available for its clients, even settlement monies from a driver who had no fault at all. This disabled father of five now has some cash resources as he slowly gets back to its feet to provide for his family.

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