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Dunnion Overcomes Adverse Police Report to Settle Claim for $400,000.00.

Dunnion Overcomes Adverse Police Report to Settle Claim for $400,000.00.

Posted By The Dunnion Law Firm || 22-Nov-2013

Dunnion’s client rear ended a piece of farm equipment which was being driven slowly down the road ahead of her. The investigating office placed her 100% at fault in the accident for driving too fast. The client’s car was destroyed and she sustained multiple injuries including a fractured ankle which never healed satisfactorily. She felt that at least some of the blame should fall on the farmer, as the equipment was not properly lit at the time of the accident.

She called The Dunnion Law Firm to see if we could help her. The firm managed her case for another two years while her treatment wound down and then tried to settle her case for her. The insurance company resisted, hoping they could get out of it for nothing based on the police report. Finally, Mr Dunnion took personal charge of the case, met with the adjuster and the farmer’s attorney, and settled the claim (before significant litigation costs had been incurred) for $400,000, much to the delight of the client.

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