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Law Firm Prevails Against Two At-fault Drivers

Law Firm Prevails Against Two At-fault Drivers

Posted By The Dunnion Law Firm || 8-Nov-2013

A Visalia physician called the Dunnion Law Firm after he was in an car accident in southern California. A vehicle ahead of his went out of control. His car was able to stop without incident but was hit by the driver behind him. Dunnion thought both drivers were at fault, but they each hired attorneys and tried to pin the damages on the other.

It was especially frustrating for the doctor, as he had significant injuries and neither at-fault drive had enough insurance to make him whole. Finally, at a mediation, the rear-ending driver pain his policy limits. But the other driver went right up to a few weeks before trial before following suit. Dunnion got every penny of both policies but had to fight for its client for almost two years.

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