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Sisters in Agonizing Car Wreck Receive a Rapid Settlement of $100,000 Each

Sisters in Agonizing Car Wreck Receive a Rapid Settlement of $100,000 Each

Posted By The Dunnion Law Firm || 12-Nov-2013

Two sisters from Porterville were on the way to the beach on a sunny August morning. Suddenly their lives changed in seconds when an uninsured driver illegally turned left into their path. The sisters’ vehicle hit the other car head-on. Airbags deployed, saving these women from massive head and neck injuries. Unfortunately, the enormous impact between the vehicles caused tremendous interior intrusion and both sisters suffered leg fractures in the crash. Both were crying in pain at the scene, hugging each other close, and glad that their loved one was close by during this near death moment.

They hired The Dunnion Law to determine whether the other driver had enough insurance to cover their life-changing injuries. Coverage of that other driver became an issue, but The Dunnion Law Firm quickly resolved this issue and aggressively pursued the women’s own insurance company. Time was of the essence in obtaining cash settlements for these seriously injured sisters. Their attorney did not spare a moment and obtained the monies for them in under 6 weeks. These sisters, who had only each other as comfort after the accident, could count on The Dunnion Law Firm to give them further comfort by easing their minds about how they would be able to pay their hospital bills and be compensated for their injuries.

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