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Two Youths Struck by Hit and Run Driver

Two Youths Struck by Hit and Run Driver

Posted By The Dunnion Law Firm || 25-Nov-2013

Two brothers, in their 20s, attended a local party in Antioch, California. There had been some fairly hot talk amongst the party goers, but no one thought anything of it. As the two 20 year old brothers were walking home, a car - later believed to be one of the party goers - sped past one of the boys, striking his brother and causing serious injuries. The vehicle fled the scene and was never located. The brothers were unable to give any description of the vehicle. At a loss as to what to do, the boys’ mother contacted The Dunnion Law Firm.

The Dunnion Law Firm attorneys ascertained that the feeling vehicle was simply unavailable and without more information could not be found. There was a concern that this was a gang related incident. The Dunnion Law Firm attorneys then advised the mother that if the boys resided in her house, there was a possibility of an uninsured motorist claim. The mother confirmed that the boys lived at her home. She also noted that they stayed with their father on occasion and one of them stayed occasionally with his girlfriend. The Dunnion Law Firm attorneys presented the uninsured motorist claim on the mother’s policy which was initially rejected as the brothers had not established residency and were not listed on the policy. The Dunnion Law Firm entered into negotiations with the carrier and provided statements as well as documentation establishing the boys’ residency sufficient that the carrier was concerned about acting in bad faith, tendered its limits of $100,000. The limits were divided equally between the two boys as a result of their agreement. As a result of this arrangement, each of the brothers received $50,000 each with the injured boy receiving additional payments for his medical bills. This was a fortunate outcome in a very unfortunate circumstance.

The hit and run driver has, as of this date, not been located by local law enforcement. Due to the lack of evidence, no arrests warrants have been issued. The boys’ mother praised The Dunnion Law Firm for their efforts in obtaining the policy limits settlements for her sons.

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