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Injured Worker Recovers from Multiple Insurance Carriers

Injured Worker Recovers from Multiple Insurance Carriers

Posted By The Dunnion Law Firm || 31-Oct-2013

Grey v. Zurich holds that where language is not clear, an insurance carrier has a broad duty to defend and indemnify. The Dunnion attorney demanded under insured motorist arbitration. The carrier defended further requiring the worker to be evaluated by their hired medical examiner. That doctor stated that the complained of neck injury was not valid and that the man had a "unrelated shoulder injury".

The Dunnion attorney continued to press the matter and the carrier agreed to mediation to avoid formal litigation. The matter was mediated at the Dunnion Law Firm in Monterey California by a senior mediator from Redwood City as a result of a negotiated agreement. At the mediation the evidence was presented by the Dunnion attorney and the carrier agreed to pay $450,000.00 new money to resolve the claim against the third insurance company. The case that started as an unfortunate rear end auto accident resulted in a recovery for the injured electrician of $615,000.00.

The mediator stated that the award was clearly more than the insurance carrier wanted to pay and reflected the excellent work of the Dunnion Law Firm. The electrician retired and moved back east to live near his family in is home town in Massachusetts.

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