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Santa Cruz Dog-walker Hit in Cross-walk Settles Case for $125,000

Santa Cruz Dog-walker Hit in Cross-walk Settles Case for $125,000

Posted By The Dunnion Law Firm || 11-Oct-2013

A Santa Cruz native was enjoying a morning walk with her dog. As she was crossing the street in a cross-walk, a driver failed to see her due to sun in his eyes and hit her with his bumper. The poor lady fell to her knees, released her dog leash, and her frightened dog ran away. In great pain at the scene, this injured woman worried about her dog, even as she was taken by ambulance to a Santa Cruz Hospital. Over the next several months, she suffered with pain in her knee and neck. An MRI showed a small tear in her knee. Physical therapy and medications did not help. She ultimately had a minor surgery to her knee and injections into her neck.

Before her surgery, she hired The Dunnion Law Firm to represent her interests. The driver’s insurance company was refusing to believe that the woman’s knee injury was nothing more than a degenerative condition and that the impact of the car against this woman was very minimal. The insurance company offered a ridiculously low amount to settle the case. The Dunnion Law Firm responded by immediately filing the lawsuit and aggressively preparing the matter for trial. Soon after, the insurance company almost doubled their offer and put on the table $125,000. The woman was happy with this settlement and especially happy that she and her dog could again walk the town freely and with less pain.

The Dunnion Law Firm will never allow insurance companies to lowball their clients, who deserve nothing but the maximum settlement for their claims. If you have been injured contact us today.

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