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San Francisco Man Receives $50,000 Policy Limits Settlement

San Francisco Man Receives $50,000 Policy Limits Settlement

Posted By The Dunnion Law Firm || 24-Sep-2013

A 59 year old San Francisco man was injured in a car wreck in December, 2011 in Daly City, California. The man was stopped in traffic, waiting for the red light to turn green, when another driver slammed into the rear of his vehicle, pushing it into the vehicle in front of him. The impact was so strong it caused the airbags in his car to deploy. His vehicle was totaled and towed from the accident scene. Following the collision, the man suffered with severe neck, lower back and right knee pain. A few days after the collision the client was contacted by the at fault party’s insurance company to discuss his claim.

With the mistaken notion that the at fault party’s insurance company would offer him a fair settlement, the injured man spoke with the insurance company adjuster. He was shocked when the adjuster offered to pay him $1,400.00 to settle his bodily injury case. The injured man hung up the telephone and immediately called the Dunnion Law Firm for a free consultation. After discussing the facts of his case with one of the firm’s attorneys, he hired the Dunnion Law Firm on the spot. The Dunnion Law Firm conferred with the man’s doctors, therapists and other medical professionals who evaluated and treated him for his injuries. The firm’s expertise in case and medical management resulted in the insurance company’s offer of the $50,000.00 per person bodily injury policy limits to the client. The client was extremely pleased with the result the Dunnion Law Firm achieved for him, as it was 35.72 times more than the insurance company offered him before he hired the Dunnion Law firm!

Remember, an accident victim is just a number to an insurance company. When you are a client of the Dunnion Law Firm, we make it personal. Call the Dunnion Law Firm at (800) 386-6466 for a free consultation on your accidental injury case before you talk to an insurance adjuster. You won’t regret it.

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