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Blog Posts in April, 2014

  • An elderly man driving to church one Sunday morning with his wife, was suddenly broad-sided by a driver who was driving at a reckless speed. The man was hospitalized for a brain bleed, which healed after a few weeks and did not bother him again. However, this man’s own insurance company blamed him for the accident despite his clean driving record as compared to the bad record of the driver ...
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  • A young self-employed mover from Fresno was driving his wife on an errand on a sunny weekend morning. Suddenly a teenaged driver changed lanes unsafely and sideswiped their vehicle. The property damage was so minor on both cars that no one thought to call the police. Several days later the young man went to urgent care, only to be rejected because the clinic would not take car accident victims. He ...
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  • FRESNO, CA: A widow of a retired military veteran was stopped in traffic on Kings Canyon Road when the vehicle behind her failed to stop and rear ended her vehicle. The impact caused a chain action, as the client's vehicle was pushed into the vehicle in front of her. Knowing the insurance company for the at fault driver would discount her claim for personal injuries and other damages, she ...
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  • Fresno Man Needed Help Protecting His Rights

    || 24-Apr-2014

    A Fresno man was involved in a serious accident as he rolled his wheelchair across Shaw Avenue at the intersection with Blackstone Avenue in Fresno. He believed he had a green light, but everyone pointed a finger at him. The defendant, two witnesses and the police officer all accused the man of crossing the street against a red light. The man was seriously injured and in the hospital and felt ...
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  • Man Hit on Golf Cart Obtains Justice

    || 15-Apr-2014

    The client was driving a golf cart across a parking lot in a golf cart crossing zone. The other party was inattentive and was driving his car through the lot and struck the golf car flipping it onto our client. However, the driver blamed our client and his insurance company refused to pay for our client's injuries. Our client thankfully was not that badly injured, but he did miss a few months ...
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  • Aggravation of Prior Condition Results in Policy Limits Settlement

    || 11-Apr-2014

    The victim was injured in a relatively straightforward rear end collision. Unfortunately, her medical condition was anything but straightforward. The client had suffered with rheumatoid arthritis for many years and her doctor refused to attest to any aggravation of her pain from the accident. She had also suffered for years with jaw joint pain and had recently had TMJ surgery. This accident ...
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  • Kings Canyon National Park Rollover Accident Nets Victims $300,000

    || 7-Apr-2014

    Five friends decided to go camping in Kings Canyon National Park, planning on a relaxing, fun weekend away from their demanding jobs. After arriving at their campsite and setting up their tents, they enjoyed some time by the river a short drive away. When it got late, the group jumped in the truck of the defendant driver for a ride back to the campsite. The driver, however, had been drinking, and ...
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