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Man Hit on Golf Cart Obtains Justice

Man Hit on Golf Cart Obtains Justice

Posted By The Dunnion Law Firm || 15-Apr-2014

The client was driving a golf cart across a parking lot in a golf cart crossing zone. The other party was inattentive and was driving his car through the lot and struck the golf car flipping it onto our client. However, the driver blamed our client and his insurance company refused to pay for our client's injuries. Our client thankfully was not that badly injured, but he did miss a few months of work as an oil field supervisor. The Dunnion Law Firm filed a lawsuit against the driver and litigated the case. The driver, a physician, hired a big shot Los Angeles lawyer to defend him. The Dunnion Law Firm took the driver's deposition, which lasted nearly seven hours, and hammered him. By the end, it was clear the driver had been lying, was totally at fault, and the driver's buddies worked at the golf course which explained why the course did not investigate the accident.

Shortly afterwards, his insurance company settled the case and paid all of our client's medical bills, paid all of his lost wages, and paid him for his pain and suffering from the accident.

If you or a loved one have been hurt in a car accident, you need an experienced attorney who knows how to hammer the other side and get you paid. You need The Dunnion Law Firm – it's just that easy.

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