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Woman Settles Out of Court for Six Figures After Her Own Insurance Company Paid the Other Driver Off!!

Woman Settles Out of Court for Six Figures After Her Own Insurance Company Paid the Other Driver Off!!

Posted By The Dunnion Law Firm || 12-Aug-2014

Our client was severely injured right next to her home. She pulled out from her own street across a major road in San Jose when the other driver, who clearly was speeding, slammed into our client, pushing her across the intersection, up a curb, and into a tree. The police department blamed our client for the accident and even said she was not wearing her seat belt. In fact, our client's vehicle was pinned up against a tree and she could not get out. She undid her seatbelt and tried to escape from the passenger's side thinking her vehicle was going to explode. She collapsed in the passenger's seat and the ambulance personnel also concluded she wasn't wearing her belt because she was in the passenger's seat. The hospital staff relied on the police and ambulance reports and they, too, also noted no seatbelt!

Our client sustained multiple fractures. Of course ,with the police report blaming our client, no attorney wanted her case as it was not an "easy" case, despite her serious injuries which kept her in the hospital nearly a month and another month of rehab.

The Dunnion Law Firm took the case. We obtained the bills and records and documented the serious nature of her injuries. During this time, our client's insurance company actually settled with the other driver and paid her, which made our job even more difficult! The senior attorney on the case, a former insurance company scene investigator and defense attorney, conducted a detailed scene investigation and documented pertinent evidence that the police had ignored. In fact, the police refused for months to provide The Dunnion Law Firm with the only witness statement to the accident. The police relied on the witness saying that our client pulled out from a stop sign and there was "nothing" the other driver could do. However, the police ignored the fact that the witness, who was behind the other driver, admitted both he and she were traveling "40-45 mph" in a 35 mph zone! The police ignored that crucial fact and had the other driver been going the speed limit, our client (who was 90% through her turn) would have cleared the intersection and the accident would have been avoided. Again, that was not the "easy" route.

Based on the medical evidence and scientific accident reconstruction evidence, the other side's insurance company quickly paid our client despite denying the claim for nearly a year, and our client received a six figure settlement.

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