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Man Settles For Double Policy Limits

Man Settles For Double Policy Limits

Posted By The Dunnion Law Firm || 5-Feb-2014

The victim and his family were injured in an automobile accident caused by another driver. Unfortunately, they hired an attorney from Southern California who was not able to effectively prosecute the case, and the case stalled. The clients were frustrated since they did not know what was going on with their case, and could not get answers, so they

turned to The Dunnion Law Firm for help. There were significant legal and medical issues pertaining to the husband, and well as multiple child support liens. The other side's insurer would not accept fault even though the police blamed her. The Dunnion Law Firm immediately filed a suit on behalf of the family and hammered the other insurer into paying its entire policy limits to the family. The Dunnion Law Firm then pursued Underinsured Motorist claims for the entire family and obtained further compensation for them. The father received double policy limit for his injuries. The Dunnion Law Firm was then able to negotiate his bills and liens and he was able to walk away with a net settlement despite the facts.

If you or a loved one are injured in an accident, even if police blame you, or you feel your current attorney is not fighting for you, you can hire a new attorney. You need to have the best attorneys to help you make things right – you need The Dunnion Law Firm….it's just that easy.

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