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Even His Own Insurance Tried to Low Ball Him

Even His Own Insurance Tried to Low Ball Him

Posted By The Dunnion Law Firm || 10-Jan-2014

A 71 year old Clovis man was on his way to work in downtown Fresno on a sunny summer day when a negligent driver made an unsafe lane change into his path, causing a major collision and injuries to the man’s back and neck. Following the collision, the other parties insurance disputed who was at fault even though the facts of the collision were clearly in the Clovis man’s favor.

Even after the insurance company conceded their insured was at fault, they refused to pay the full value of his property damage claim because the defendant had inadequate insurance. The man was assured that he had plenty of coverage himself, so he thought everything would be covered. His own insurance company, however, stated he was not hurt that bad and he should have recovered from the injuries in just a few weeks. Even his own insurance company did not even try to put him back into the place he was before the accident, like the insurance company’s adds repeat over and over.

The Dunnion Law Firm did not stand for the way the insurance company treated its own insured. After collecting the policy limits from the defendant’s insurance carrier, the focus was put directly on the Clovis man’s own insurance and arbitration was demanded and discovery served to prove the injuries were not only caused by the accident, and the treatment received was reasonable and necessary, but also that he continued to have pain and before the arbitration could even be scheduled the insurance company folded, offering the $100,000.00 policy limit uninsured motorist settlement.

Don’t give the insurance company a chance to build a case to low ball your settlement. Call The Dunnion Law Firm immediately.

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